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You're sitting in an old local movie theater, a waft of smoke fills the room, cascading down the aisles as a film projector jumps to life lighting up the screen in front of it. You can smell the salt and butter of your popcorn start to mix with a faint smell of burning coal. 

Looking around, you see that your fellow movie goers are just as confused as you, moving forward to sit on the edges of their seats as a countdown flashes on the screen.

A low chuckle is heard from the back of the room causing the hair on the back of your neck to stand up. 

The thought of leaving runs through your mind, "I just wanted to watch The Wizard of Oz." You whine to yourself. And now you find yourself, much like Dorothy, in a place unfamiliar to you. 

Something possess you to stay however, you can't place it but there is a deep sense of intrigue building in your gut. 

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