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Artwork: Sarita Idalia | @evilsarita

Photo: AM Photography


Recorded by Fans at SiglerFest2018

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Evan Diamond is honored to have been awarded 2019 Best Singer-Songwriter at the San Diego Music Awards (SDMA). This incredible achievement has been shared by numerous incredibly talented artists who got their start in San Diego, including Jason Mraz and Jewel.  

This recognition has proved to be a stepping stone for artists to launch their careers and solidify their voice within the music industry. Evan Diamond aims to make the most of this spectacular honor, adding her name to the list of those whose careers took off upon winning one of these prestigious awards: Stone Temple Pilots, Eddie Vedder, Switchfoot and Blink-182 to name a few.

With this win on her shoulders, Evan Diamond is ready to take this industry by storm. She is incredibly excited for what the year still has in store for her and her music.

Thank you so much to everyone that voted…this is truly just the beginning.


Photo: David Evanko | @d.vanko

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